Cedars Walkers

Donegal Residential 2019

Old pair of boots
Gabby played the bagpipes as Cedars left the hotel.

Thanks to Rosemary for the pic of Gabby (???).

The Bluestack Mountains of Donegal

What a difference a year makes! No one got lost on the way to the carparks (at least none reported), no obstacle courses over fallen trees, all walks had a beginning and an end without a missing bit in the middle and best of all it did NOT rain. In fact, the sun shone on occasions, wet weather gear was cast aside and sun cream applied.

Finding Kilcootry Barn proved to be a challenge for some, but aided by Sat Navs and good old fashioned maps, this rustic venue was reached on time from all directions. The excellent scones and coffee fortified us for our pilgrimage to Lough Derg where St Patrick, despite his missing toe, gave his blessing to a snake free stroll along the lake.

Lough Eske was enjoyed by all though Lough Belshade (the Jewel of the Bluestacks) eluded all except Mike and his intrepid band.

Setting off at a canter to view the Grey Mare’s Tail in the majestic Sruell Valley was not for the faint- hearted. Sadly the waterfall was more like a pigtail due to lack of rain! The Creevy shore walk was breezy but refreshment at the Craft Village was their reward.

The best was kept to the last with a beautiful day at Glencolumbkille where our rain soaked memories from last year were banished by blue skies and sunshine. The incredible coastal views could be seen not just imagined. A day to remember.

Memorable Moments

The ‘harmonising’ trio of Tom, Brian and Gordon which somehow managed to clear the bar (except for the loyal Cedars) but at least Gordon kept his shirt on this year!

Kathy and Bertie in free fall, hand in hand down a steep slope on their bottoms.

One of our senior Cedars ‘daring’ to argue with the Quiz master over a primula!

One of leaders with all the walkie talkies around his neck ... an Irish way of communication?

Special thanks

Letterkenny Hospital for taking such good care of Dorothy that she walked up to the Signal Tower (and back!) 2 days later. Best wishes from us all Dorothy.

As always, a huge thank you to Gordon, Barbara, Mike, John and Ruth for all their hard work, patience and encouragement. Where would we be without you? Certainly not in the Donegal Hills.