Another page from Heather's diary


Thursday, 06 December 2018 - Damp December day at the dam: Spelga Dam carpark on a grey and damp December morn did nothing to inspire many of us to reach greater heights. Whilst the ‘Utterly Butterly’ group led by Mike headed for their mountain and beyond, the rest of us drove to OTT carpark to spread ourselves across a less exposed route round Fofanny Dam and along the Ulster Way. The blackened and uprooted trees in the forest provided an interesting obstacle course as well as great Gruffalo cover. However, it was a mere rabbit hole which nearly caused our leader to have an unexpected dip in the Dam. Foot caught, neatly executed backward flip and the water beckoned but luck was on her side. No need for mountain/army rescue this week as we had our own strong men to help Ruth to her feet none the worse for the experience. Ironically, we’d just had a safety talk on how to contact mountain rescue i.e. dial 999!

A welcome break: Driving rain tolerated, "raging torrents" negotiated, stiles climbed all before Meelmore Lodge appeared out of the mist. We were given a warm welcome despite our bedraggled appearance and were soon revived by hot coffee and soup.

Impromptu Entertainment: 'Entertainment' was provided by a watered down version of the ‘Full Monty’ as several of the guys had to lower their wet weather bottoms to half-mast whilst rummaging for their coffee money!! We dried out on the return journey aided by a watery sun and a breeze. Not the most pleasant of days but definitely better than Christmas shopping. Many thanks to Ruth for providing us with an alternative route and keeping our spirits up, ably assisted by Brian.

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