Walking together again from 15 April 2021. Click for more Kilbroney pics. And for some pics of our walks from Donard Park click here.

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Yvonne stops by the waterfall on descent from Rocky on 06 May 2021.


Lovely walk at Castlewellan Forest Park - warm in the sunshine but bitter wind out of it. Group enjoyed seeing the masses of bluebells and Elizabeth was kept busy checking out names of wild flowers in the forest. Amazing variety of trees from around the world and numerous varieties of Rhodendron in full bloom made for an interesting walk lead By Ruben and Ruth (and Rosie, the Labrador). For more pics click on link below.

Ulster Way

Walking along the Ulster Way from Leitrim Lodge towards Yellow Water.


Cascade at the Glen Stream, Kilbroney
Cascade at the Glen Stream, Kilbroney

Spences Mountain

Spences Mountain

Derek stops by a babbling brook on the way to the summit of Spences Mountain.

Antrim Loop

Gordon and Reuben led a small group on an autumnal ramble round the Antrim Loop. Click on pic for more ...

Trassey Track

Waterfall on the eastern slopes of Bearnagh - our picnic site on 12 November. It was another perfect day for walking, and blowing away the cobwebs.
Ford over Trassey River
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Mike led a great walk to the summit of Commedagh. Click on link below for some great pics of the walk.

Hen Track

Hen Track was enveloped in mist but it didn't dampen the spirits of our walkers who enjoyed another great outing led by Ruth. Bertha discovered a turf barrow but was persuaded not to bring it home for her front garden. Click on link below for more pics.

Oxford Island

Oxford Island

It was a lovely walk from Kinnego Marina to Oxford Island - both lakeside and forest. And of course it was another perfect day for walking. Thanks go to Gordon for leading the walk. Click on the pic to enlarge or click on link below for more pics.

Bog of Donard

Bog of Donard

John lends a steadying hand over Bloody Bridge River.

Bog of Donard
Bloody Bridge River and Donard from Bloody Bridge. Click to enlarge.

Hillsborough Forest

There were nearly as many birds as people in a sunny Hillsborough Forest Park - another perfect day.


Spot the red squirrel

It was another perfect day for walking in a perfect setting - 7½ miles through Tollymore looking at its autumnal best. A red sqirrel was spotted but it was camera shy.

To Autumn

John Keats - 1795-1821

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;
Conspiring with him how to load and bless
With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eves run;
To bend with apples the moss'd cottage-trees,
And fill all fruit with ripeness to the core;
To swell the gourd, and plump the hazel shells
With a sweet kernel; to set budding more,
And still more, later flowers for the bees,
Until they think warm days will never cease,
For summer has o'er-brimm'd their clammy cells.


Another perfect day for walking at Castlewellan on 15 October 2020. Fantastic walk in amazing colours - some were even luck enough to see red squirrels. Thanks to Gordon, Ruth and Reuben a great time was had by all.

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Cave Hill

Step Aerobics

Ronnie demonstrates his step aerobics knee exercise at the Devil's Punchbowl during our ascent of Cave Hill.

Oxford Island

Coffee time at Kinnego Marina after a very enjoyable walk at Oxford Island. Who could tell that it was already October?


Two happy Cedars walkers fitted with tracking devices in their hats to ensure they don't get lost on Divis.

Tipperary Wood

Tipperary Wood - 17 September 2020

Helen contemplates how she might get down safely from her seat at Harbour House, Newcastle.

Annaloughan Loop

Annaloughan Loop
Annaloughan Loop

John enjoying a rest after getting to the summit of Slievenaglough via the Annaloughan Loop, a new walk from Fitzpatricks in County Louth for the Cedars programme. Thanks to Dorothy for discovering this walk. Click on link below for more pics.

June to September 2020

To view pics from our walks earlier in the year click on the link below and select month from dropdown menu.

Hen and Cock Mountains and Slievenamiskan

It was another perfect day for our walks. Gordon led at Peatlands Park, Lesley led a walk round Craigavon's Lakes and John was at Hen and Cock Mountains. Walkers stayed in their groups of five or fewer,

To see some more pics click on the link below.

Slieve Moughanmore

It was a perfect day for our walks. Gordon and Ruth led two walks in Clare Glen. John led a walk at Pigeon and Slieve Moughanmore.

To see some more pics click on the link below.

Craigavon Lakes

To view more pics from Craigavon Lakes click on link below.

To view more pics from our pre-Covid walks (up to March 2020 click on link below.


Kathleen and Rosemary enjoy a socailly distanced walk in Tollymore in December 2020

Kilbroney and Slieve Martin

Another perfect day for walking at Kilbroney on 26 November 2020. From the north-east corner of the upper car park John led a group of ten up on to Slievebane, Slieve Martin, Slievemeen and Ballynagelty (Kodak Corner). 7.75Km and 535 metre total ascent. A great time was had by all.

Benburb Valley Park

Setting out from the Servite Priory, Benburb it was another perfect day for walking at in Benburb Valley Park on 26 November 2020. A great time was had by all.

Meelmore and Meelbeg

Setting out from Meelmore Lodge, it was another perfect day for walking at Meelmore and Meelbeg on 26 November 2020. A great time was had by all.

Spences Mountain and Long Seefin

John T led the walk from Dunnywater up Spences Mountain. Despite the low temperatures it was another perfect day for walking. More pics to follow.

Banns Road to Lough Shannagh

Gordon led a group of happy hikers on a successful walk along Banns Road to Lough Shannagh on 19 November 2020, another perfect day for walking!


John O's group on the summit Slievenaglogh.

Trassey Track and circuit of Bearnagh

John led the walk up to Trassey Track to Hares Gap and then round the back of Bearnagh before returning via Poolaphuca, a 10Km trek with a total ascent of more than 450 metres. Because of the particularly challenging conditions encountered on the day - rivers in spate, cold wind and very wet ground - it has now been officially promoted to grade 4. Well done to the twenty brave souls who took part and arrived back safely.

Slieve Croob

Slieve Croob

12 November was another perfect day for walking with Ruth at Slieve Croob, in sunshine, with the bonus of a bracing wind at the summit.

Bog of Donard

John and Dorothy led a group of 9 from Bloody Bridge with the intention of climbing Chimney Rock Mountain but on reaching the Bog of Donard cloud rolled in and reluctantly it was decided to postpone our climb until an even better day which would allow us to enjoy the spectacular views from the summit. That apart, it was another perfect day for walking - we managed 5.5 miles, climbed just a little short of 600 metres and we all returned safe and happy. There's no better way to spend a Thursday!

Craigavon Lakes and Loughgall

Another less than perfect day for walking at Loughgall Country Park and Craigavon's Lakes. It was a good test for the water proofing on our coats and leggings but the rain wasn't as bad as had been expected and by tea time most of us were dry and warm again.

Ott, Muck and Tollymore

Another perfect day for walking at Ott Track to Carn, Muck and Ott. A second group went to Tollymore. Thank you to everyone who sent in pics.

Annalong Valley

Annaalong Valley

A group of intrepid walkers in the Annalong Valley on 22 October 2020.

Hen, Cock and Pigeon Rock

Another perfect day for walking at Hen Mountain, Cock Mountain and Pigeon Rock on 15 October 2020.


Another perfect day for walking - Ruth and Reuben leading a walk on the sun kissed beach at Murlough. Click on link below to view pics of the walk from Leitrim Lodge led by Gordon and the walk from Kilbroney to Knockshee.

Chimney Rock

Another perfect day for walking at Oxford Island, Cave Hill and Chimney Rock (656m. - pictured above). A great time was had by all. Click on link below for pics of walks on Cave Hill led by Gordon and John.


And into the mountains we delve ... to lose our minds and find ourselves @ Divis

Unexpectedly it really was APDFW ... another perfect day for walking. The sky was grey, the wind was brisk and the temperature was just a little below autumnal but the rain stayed off, and could see for miles (all the way from the Sperrins on one side to Scotland on the other). And at the end of our walk we even saw some blue sky - "large enough to patch a sailor's trousers".

Divis & Black Mountain - 24 September 2020

A great time was had by all as we cheated the weather and enjoyed two amazing walks in perfect conditions on Divis up to the summit of Black Mountain. Thank you National Trust.

Tipperary Wood and Binnian

On 17 September we had some great walks - six brave souls tackled Binnian but most of our walkers started at Donard Car Park, heading up through Tipperary Wood to Drinnahilly. John's group kept going on up to the quarry and down to Newcastle harbour via the Granite Trail - a little over 6 miles and a 360 metre ascent. All on another perfect day for walking. More pics to follow.

Annaloughan Loop, County Louth

Dundrum - old railway line

On 10 September we had two great walks - Dundrum Bay and Annaloughan Loop. It was a leisurely lunch at Dundrum with Helen collecting blackberries, The walk was greatly enjoyed by 16 walkers in perfect dry, warm walking weather. So it was another perfect day for walking. Thanks to everyone who sent pics to John for the website.

Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park and Doan

On 03 September we had two great walks. Reuben led a group round Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park while John, Derek and Ronnie led others over Slieve Loughshannagh to Doan and from there to Carn and Ott. It was another perfect day for walking and a great time was had by all. More pics to follow.

We will return
Keeping our distance at Craigavon Lakes on our first 2020 walk post-lockdown.