Lagan Towpath

Tourists check out the Lock Keepers Inn No, these aren't the celebrities (pictured right) but rather a group of tourists from Lurgan and beyond who have stopped outside the Lock Keepers Inn, perhaps hoping they may catch just a glimpse of a celebrity politician or restaurateur associated with this spot.

It's not known if they were successful in their stalking but at least they appear to be having a good time.

Millie gives instructions Promoted to walking group leader for the day, Millie, gives instruction to some of her charges who, for the most part, listen with rapt attention. Pat is clearly distracted having just realised that he has bitten into one of Jim McKittrick's turnip sandwiches by mistake! Congratulations must go to Millie and three others who went on to complete the walk from Central Station, Belfast all the way to Lisburn Station, a total of 13 miles - is this a record?

Winner of the prize for the best caption was from Ruth - "While Millie lectures the other girls, Pat discovers that he has mistakenly lifted some of Jimmy's turnip sandwiches".

My thanks to Anne Keville for supplying the photographs.