Oxford Island

"Don't you know there's a war on?" - a Visual Journey through the Home Front in Craigavon 1939-1945

An exhibition at Waterside House, Oxford Island, Craigavon.

Although poor weather and fallen rocks conspired to spoil our planned trip by train to Whitehead an intrepid band of walkers nevertheless managed to enjoy a great day out "walking local" at Oxford Island. The walk included a stop in one of the bird hides, in the capable hands of our very own "twitcher", Jim, and a tour of Craigavon Museum's delightful little exhibition at Waterside House.

Reuben searches for bargains Reuben searches for bargains in Craigavon Museum's exhibition. The exhibition explores the impact which World War II had on the daily lives of people from Portadown, Lurgan and the surrounding districts. Artefacts, film, photographs and posters are used to illustrate what life was like for local people, who had to live through rationing and blackouts, under the constant shadow of war.

The exhibition at the museum ran from
7th November 2011 to 25th February 2012

Cap'n Jim steers a steady course Cap'n Jim flanked by his trusty lieutenants stands on the bridge of the good ship Cedars at Oxford Island. Despite dire weather forecasts, Jim steers a steady course through flocks of pochard (see below) to eventually arrive unharmed at the Discovery Centre where many of us enjoyed an excellent lunch. Duck was not on the menu.

Thar she blows! Thar she blows. Jim points towards the windswept coastline at Whitehead to show John where he suspects a few unwary walkers may be left stranded and bemused, battered by wind and rain, and waiting for the next train back to Belfast.

Undaunted by weather forecast Undaunted by the weather forecast, a group of well known walkers sets off from the Discovery Centre to circumnavigate Oxford Island. "Weather, what weather?" they say.

Against all expectations, the day remained remarkably calm and dry allowing us to enjoy a most pleasant walk.