Tollymore and Luke's Mountain
Walking in Tollymore
Try to keep in step girls!
Foley's Bridge Our trip to Tollymore turned out to be a bit of a mystery tour. Given the good weather, it was decided to take part of our group up on to Luke's Mountain. This turned out to be nearly as challenging as the previous week's walk up to Slieve Gullion so my apologies to those who thought we were just there for a wee stroll in the woods. And just to make sure we got value for money, our group added on a good mile at the end of the walk by refusing to take the easy route up from the river to the car park. Instead, they walked for a further mile or more which gave us a chance to see Foley's Bridge, a narrow stone bridge designed, it would at first appear, for packhorses built in 1787 - the bridge that is, not the pack horses. A notable feature of the bridge is its use of "bap-stones", large round projecting stones, as decoration. This is a feature repeated a number of times in the buildings and follies of the Tollymore Park Estate.

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Crossing style at Tollymore
Crossing the wall round Tollymore
as we head for the hills.
Spring in the air at Tollymore
New growth at Tollymore tells us
spring is on its way.
Crossing the river
Derek picks a safe spot to cross
the river