Caption Competitions

Jim and Millie at chimney
Many thanks to those who took part in our first Caption Competition. The photograph was taken at the Whitespots Lead Mines. Entries fell into two camps with either Jim or Millie speaking so I have separated them into "Sez he" and "Sez she". Here are some of the printable ones:

Sez he ..."

  • And here to show off our autumn collection of outdoor apparel ...
  • Is there a nurse in the house - I think I've dislocated my rucksack.
  • If we're very lucky we might spot a rare bird in the undergrowth.

Sez she ..."

  • Do you seriously expect me to walk at the back?
  • No Jim, I will not lend you my "special waterproofs".
  • That's not what you told us last year.
        and the winning entry from Gordon:
  • I thought you said you'd show me how your old mind works!

Caption competition winner - July 2014

This way to the "knees-up"!

Gilbert carried off the top prize. Well done Gilbert.