Walking together.
Keeping apart.

Lamagan and Binnian - July 2020

Slievelamagan, at 704m (the same height as Meelmore) just makes it into to the 7 sevens - Mourne mountains over 700 metres high but it's steep sided and rocky making for a tough descent as Cedars Wakers were to discover. To read more and see pics full screen click on link below.

Carnavaddy - 30 July 2020

To view more pics of the walk click on link below.

The Ulster Way - 30 July 2020

Lamagan - 23 July 2020

Another perfect day for walking - almost. Everyone climbed Lamagan but a group also did Binian, just because it was there. Everyone enjoyed the refreshments and the craic in Carrick Cottage Café after the walk.

Armagh and Carlingford

Carlingford and Slieve Foye
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Ronnie led us on a new route past King John's Castle, through the forest and on to Barnavave while John opted for a shorter 5½ mile route into the foothills of Slieve Foye.

Ballymoyer and Slieve Martin
09 July 2020

Ruth led the walk at the delightful Ballymoyer. Thanks to Norma for the pics.

Eileen climbing through forest

Eileen makes good use of her walking poles on the tough climb through Kilbroney forest before leaving them behind at the end of the walk - to be picked up by Cecil and Hazel pictured below! All's well that ends well.

Hazel and Cecil - Guardians of the sticks
Our route - click to view

Murlough - 02 July 2020


Another perfect day for walking on the beach and through the nature reserve at Murlough.

To view some pics of the walk from Cecil, Hazel and Lesley click on link below.

Lumpers - 02 July 2020

Knockmany - 23 July 2020

Ruth, Reuben & Gordon led the Walking for Interest group to one of the great Irish royal sites, Knockmany Passage Tomb. Click on link below to see the pics bigger and read more about the walk:

Slieve Foye and Barnavave

Foothills of Slieve Foye

In the foothills of Slieve Foye on another perfect day for walking. Click on the link below for more pics.

Slieve Martin - 09 July 2020

Glen Stream at Kilbroney

Glen Stream at Kilbroney on another perfect day for walking. Click on the link below for more pics.

Lumpers - 02 July 2020

Lumpers - 02 July 2020

Cedars Walkers enjoyed another perfect day for walking starting at Lumpers Bar, Ravensdale. Ronnie and Derek led 9.75 mile walk over Carnavaddy to Black Mountain while John and Herbie led a slightly shorter walk which included the Castle and Round Mountain. We tried hard to maintain social distancing but once or twice the perfect photo opportunity caught us off guard. A great time was had by all. Click on link below for more great pics.