Cedars Walkers

Hen Track car park

Hen Track Car Park: Grid Reference - J 233 278

Returning along the Hen Track below Hen Mountain

The Hen Track car park is due west of Hen Mountain on the Sandbank Road

Travel through Banbridge, Rathfriland and Hilltown, turning left at the church in the middle of Hilltown towards Castlewellan and Newcastle. After approximately 743 metres, turn right towards Newcastle on the B27 and continue on this road following the signs for Kilkeel. 500 metres past where the road branched left to Newcastle, turn right on the Sandbank Road (signed to Rostrevor and possibly Santa's Cottage).

Hen Track car park is 1400 metres (just less than a mile) along Sandbank Road on your right. Please sqeeze in tightly beside other cars as space is limited.

Leitrim Lodge

Leitrim Lodge Car Park: Grid Reference - J 224 256

Leitrim Lodge car park is on your left a further one and a half miles past the Hen Track car park on the Sandbank Roadi.e. two and a half miles from the turn on to Sandbank Road.

The Leitrim Lodge (BB Hut) car park is due west of col between Rocky Mountain and Tornamrock.