Cedars Walkers

Spelga Dam

Spelga Dam and Slievenamiskan

Follow your preferred route to Banbridge and then Rathfriland. On entering Rathfriland, turn left onto Main Street (A25) and continue to follow A25, turning right on to Downpatrick Street and passing Graham's Ice Cream and the bus station, to edge of Rathfriland, turning right onto the Hilltown Road. Follow this into Hilltown to the T junction in front of the former church where yoy should turn left on to the Castlewellan Road (B8). Shortly after leaving Hilltown, turn right onto Kilkeel Road (B27) and follow this until you come to the Spelga Dam. Park in the car park on your right. There are facilities at Spelga but they are usually shut when we arrive - it's best to use facilities at Hilltown - to the left of the church as you enter the village.

Journey time is usually around 56 minutes from Jethro Centre, allowing for a short comfort stop in Hilltown.

Ott Track car park: continue on the B27 up to the T junction and turn left on to the Slievenaman Road, following this for abpout half a mile until you come to the small Ott Track car park on your left.